High performance Genersys solar panels can significantly offset your carbon emissions by several tonnes per year.

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This article is part of the Green Future series, which looks at what we can all do to make a greener future, today.
To understand the Carbon Payback of anything manufactured, one must first know it's Carbon Footprint.

Examining this principle, this article takes a look at the facts and figures of Carbon Savings to a typical UK home using Genersys solar.

Carbon Payback:
How efficient, really, is the carbon payback on your solar panel?

by Genersys Plc
Last updated: Monday, 04 April 2007

The benefit of Genersys hot water solar panels is twofold; you reduce your home energy bills by heating your water supply with the free energy of the Sun, and secondly, they reduce your carbon emissions by freeing you from the dependency on high polluting fossil fuels.

But not all solar panels are made equal, in fact, the carbon footprint of solar panels must be reduced to as small as possible, if they, like Genersys Solar Panels, are to save huge quantities of carbon over their lifetime.

This article takes a look at the manufacturing process and materials involved in the production of a Genersys solar panel; and how these contribute to a low carbon footprint, giving you a high performing, carbon saving solar panel.


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  1. Carbon footprint of our raw materials
    A look at the energy used in the processing and sourcing of raw materials used in the manufacture of Genersys solar panels.

  2. Carbon footprint in our manufacturing
    The carbon footprint of the manufacturing phase and how we have minimised it.

  3. The Carbon Savings a typical UK home can expect when using Genersys solar
    How much carbon your household can save each year based on the carbon footprint of your Genersys solar panels:

  4. ...and finally, How Genersys home solar water keeps on saving...
    How Genersys solar panels keep on saving even after their lifetime; the importance of using recyclable materials in manufacturing.


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A Carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 it 'costs' to produce a manufactured part.
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