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The Solar Panels are part of the Genersys solar hot water system, click for an overview of the system and how it works.

Genersys solar panels
A highly insulated copper pipe connects the panels to the lower heat coil in a sealed circuit; the upper coil connects to your boiler in the usual way as backup. We install sensors in the panels and sensors in the new cylinder.

The sensors communicate with the digital controller and this turns on the pump when heat is needed and solar energy is available, to direct heat from the panel to the cylinder. When the water is hot enough the pump is turned off.

If there is not enough solar energy to power the Genersys Solar System the fossil fuel system acts as back up.

1000-10 Solar Panel for water heating1000-10 Solar Panel
Our most popular solar panel, suitable for a wide range of uses; from heating swimming pools and homes to larger commercial installations such as sports stadiums and industrial complexes.

1450 Solar Panel for water heating 1450 Solar Panel
Genersys 1450 solar panel is a world leading flat-plate, vertically-mounted type collector without collection pipes, intended for applications in systems equipped with circulating pumps.


1000-4 OEM Solar Panel for water heating 1000-4 Solar Panel
(Diccontinued) The 1000-4 solar panel has since been replaced by our 1000-10 model. The 1000-4 Solar panel is still used and supported but no longer manufactured.

Frequently Asked Questions Latest FAQs
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How many panels will I need?As a general rule of thumb, one Genersys solar panel will provide enough energy to heat a 100 litre hot water cylinder....
It is not very sunny today. Will the Genersys system work?Although they work best in direct sunlight, very good performance will be given in the indirect light (or diffuse radiat...
Will the system work at night?No, the system only works in daylight. At some times of the year there is insufficient daylight and that is why your sys...
I am worried about the glycol solution in the heat transfer pipe.Glycol has to be used to prevent the pipe freezing in very cold weather. It is not dangerous it is a type of anti
Should I clean my panels if they get dirty?I have noticed some bird droppings or dust or other dirt on the collector glass; shall I wash them off?...
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As part of our downloads library we have a collection of galleries available for viewing and downloading. It's a good place to start if you want to see how our panels look once installed.
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